Skilling: Stakeholders are being Involved from Start to Finish!

This is a game changer for the industry. Leading chains are benefiting from direct recruitment, there is more to follow.

Traditionally the skill development program since its beginning relied heavily on government sponsored schemes such as PMKVY, DDUGKY, NULM and State Govt. These schemes focused majorly on 2 stakeholders – trainees and training institutions and one of the major stakeholder industry partners had only last role to play by providing employment opportunities to candidates at the end of the scheme.

The new initiative taken by Industry and Awarding Bodies (AB) to work under the Recruit Train Deploy model is making changes in the traditional skilling methods. Industry partners are involved from the very beginning of the program. Mobilization, screening, training, monitoring and placement all are being done in consultation with the industry stakeholders and they play a pivotal role in the entire training lifecycle.

After Covid-19 pandemic, it become very challenging for the tourism & hospitality industry to hire skilled workers as existing staff got displaced from their jobs and work location. In scenarios such as this, it was very evident that Industry, Awarding Bodies, Training Partners had to think out of the box. The new skilling model helped all stakeholders in reaching out to potential aspirants who despite all challenges wishes to build a successful career in ever growing industry.

The model is very lucrative for Industry Partners, Learners & Institutional Partners. Employers can hire multiple job role candidates from their preferred geographical location only after screening and selecting the right candidate before the start of training. Traditionally students didn’t had visibility on jobs post completion of training. At times they had to appear for multiple of job interviews even after completion of the program and each employer had different expectations from the students. Now students from day zero are prepared to join one specific employer at a particular location. Partners who were completely dependent on Govt sponsored schemes now could build privately sponsored businesses which they can run throughout the year. With this model, full capacity utilization of any institutes can be achieved and can also run other businesses under Govt. or CSR sponsorship.

Through this program Industry in association with Training Partners and Awarding Body has trained, skilled and deployed over 500+ students. With the industry growing at a rapid pace there is a need of more than 1 lakh+ skilled workers only within the hotel industry which is going to increase by 100% in next 5 years. Models like RTD (Recruit, Train, Deploy)will be a game changer benefitting thousands of youths if not lakhs. The current trend shows over 96% candidates completed the program successfully and joined with 91% + candidates retaining in jobs leading to lower attrition.
Brands such as The Leela, The Oberoi, Marriott and others are seeing good attraction and hence they are coming with repeat demand of skilled workers.


Rajan Bahadur is Chief Executive Officer, Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council

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