Indian Tourism’s Brand Ambassador

It is a relatively less talked about destination, discovered some decades back, ironically also made popular at that time by the then prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi. Unfortunately, his visit sparked some controversies, with reference to sustainability laws, with media decrying his idea of a holiday.

This time, released photographs promote the pristine quality of this eco-friendly destination. PM Modi is visibly relaxed and enjoying a quiet and reflective vacation. His visit has coincided with the inauguration or granting of numerous schemes that would improve both the quality of life of the average inhabitant and also improve the visitor experience to the islands.

That these islands are in the deep south, neighbouring the ever-popular Maldives, is also a call for strengthening our defence capabilities in the Indian Ocean. This is a destination of unparalleled raw beauty, nature at its most charming best. Given this new spotlight, it might even be the right time to determine the carrying capacity of the islands, and ensuring that we adhere to the limited numbers that Lakshadweep can handle.

– Editor

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