With focus on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel rolls out new media campaign

Israel tourism is going all out to attract larger numbers of Indian outbound. After having gone public with the announcement of targeting one 1 Lakh (one hundred thousand) travellers from India in 2018, the Israel ministry of tourism has rolled out a new media advertising campaign to boost its outreach and presence in key cities. The focus of the campaign is two of the biggest draws in Israel –  Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The former is an ancient city known to be sacred for three major religions of the world and holds special significance among travellers, globally, while Tel Aviv is a modern city teeming with diversity, culture, and nightlife.

The advertising campaign incorporates varied media platforms including television, print and digital spaces. The integrated advertising campaign is being called ‘Begin your journey to Israel’.

Importantly, in a bid to reach the hundred thousand mark, the Ministry has launched its summer campaign in India to attract the April – June peak holiday season.

Commenting on the development and the potential of the Indian market, Hassan Madah, Director, Israel Ministry of Tourism – India & Philippines noted that Israel had recorded a strong double-digit growth in tourist arrivals from India in the past three years.  “In 2018 January to March, we have recorded a growth of 15% in Indian arrivals compared to the same period last year. In order to keep this momentum going and to tap into the upcoming summer holiday season, we have launched our advertising campaign,” he said. He added that the campaign highlighted reasons why Indian travellers should choose Israel as their next holiday destination, “showcasing beaches, desert experiences, different cuisines (including vegan food) to wine tours, adventure activities, historic monuments and much more.”

Looking at the development, it seems to be a natural progression of things after the recent re-invigoration of ties between the two countries. Add to that, Air India’s recent foray into Tel Aviv with non-stop flights has bolstered seamless connectivity to Israel from key Indian cities. With the new campaign being rolled out, it is likely that Israel emerges as a top choice among young Indian travellers – who are ever so on the lookout for newer and untapped destinations. It bodes well for tourism and bilateral ties.

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