Travelers to choose affordable destinations and experiences in 2018, predicts findings, a global giant in the OTA space, has revealed some interesting trends in travel and consumer behavior. The findings are based on reviews of over 128 million real guest reviews, with research from 19,000 travellers across 26 countries around the world, revealing the biggest travel predictions for 2018.

1:- New tech frontiers 

Almost a third (29%) of travellers have shared that they are comfortable letting a computer plan an upcoming trip based on data from their previous travel history. Whereas half of the respondents did not mind if they dealt with a real person or computer, provided their queries were being addressed.

2:- From dream to reality 

The coming year is expected to witness large scale travel. 45% of travellers have a travel bucket list and an over-whelming 82 percent aim to visit one or more destinations

3:- Pop culture pilgrimage 

Visual mediums have gained increasing significance in playing a role in shaping up the next vacation for travelers. At least, 36 percent of the respondents turn to pop culture for their travel inspiration as television, film or music videos for deciding their next travel itinerary.

4:- Walk your way to wellness 

The trend for wellness getaways is not expected to slow down in 2018, with almost double the amount of people planning to take health and wellbeing trips in 2018 compared to 2017 (from one in 10 in 2017 to nearly one in five in 2018), reads the report. “Trips enjoying particular prominence will be those that involve travelling on two feet. A brilliant way to take in the local landscape, walking will be the ultimate way to explore next year, with 56% of travellers saying they want to do walking or hiking trips in 2018,” the report reads.

5:- Economic intuition:

Economical travel is here to stay. As per the report, a growing number of travelers are expected to examine the financial feasibility before undertaking any trip. “Nearly half (47%) will take currency exchange rates into consideration when planning their travels for the year, and almost the same amount (48%) will think about the economic climate of a destination before making the decision to travel,” the finding reads.

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