Top 5 friendly destinations for senior citizens

Senior Citizens going on vacations was a popular and common feature in the western countries for a long time. This trend is now gaining popularity amongst elderly Indians. They are eager to see the world and have enough financial freedom to chase their wanderlust. Over the recent years, number of seniors travelling for holiday by themselves has been growing and the segment, in all likelihood, is set to further grow in the coming years. International trip attracts senior travellers as most overseas locations, monuments, theme parks and various attractions have special access for the elderly. Holiday planners have also started giving important to this segment and they design packages to cater to special needs of the senior citizens during their travel.

As per WIYO travel, a company involved in this segment, here is a list of top five friendly global destinations for senior travellers.

  1. Cruise Vacation: All the Cruise liners have ample facilities aboard to cater to senior citizens, offering memorable experience in a safe and secure environment.
  2. Spain: Spain has been the torch-bearer of international traffic in to the Europe. It has topped as the most visited destination in 2017, clocking over ten million visitors in the month of August alone, and is one of Europe’s biggest country. For older travellers warmer climate is a big appeal as compared to the rest of Europe, helping it gain traction in this segment of travellers.
  3. Italy: History and culture is a major draw for all ages, especially seniors. Thereby, Italy finds a mention in the list. The European country is associated with the ancient and the beautiful, and has several attractions.
  4. Germany: Germany appeals to travellers of all ages. It is extremely senior-citizen friendly in terms of infrastructure and has excellent last-mile connectivity, ensuring hassle-free travelling experience.
  5. The Great Britain: Britain has lots to offer for senior travellers. It has several World Heritage Sites, cathedrals and royal palaces. Further North, it has many castles and scenic landscapes.

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