Roseate live streams kitchen feed for guests, works on the principle, seeing is believing!

As food safety and hygiene take centre stage, Roseate Hotels has commendably shown the way by providing live feed of its kitchen to assuage consumers’ concerns 

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced hotels and restaurants to further scrutinize their established processes around handling and serving F&B. Several new nomenclatures have come about, from contactless dining to zero-contact dining, among others.

While many believe that contactless dining may be a far-fetched, even an absurd idea given various touchpoints involved in the process of a guest’s visit to a restaurant for dining, some hotels have taken concrete measures to instil a sense of confidence among its patrons.

Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director, Bird Group, recently shared with media that guests at Roseate Hotels were going to use an app for all food-related services. The app would allow guests to watch the live streaming of the food preparation in the kitchen. The option of watching the live preparation of food is a welcome step and expected to soothen the nerves of guests who have genuine concerns about safety and hygiene. The app would provide all the bill details, which can then be paid by using credit cards.

Roseate Hotels has taken other measures, such as placing tables at the restaurants at a minimum of two-meter distance. All kitchen and service staff have been mandated to wear masks, gloves and other safety equipment. The staff is also being routinely screened for temperature and personnel from areas designated as hot spots are being discouraged inside the hotel premises.

“Roseate Hotels & Resorts firmly believes that in the hospitality industry, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves according to the need of our guests and stay ahead of the game. I am proud of the fact that Roseate Hotels & Resorts is the first hotel chain in India to implement across its six hotels in partnership with its sister company Bird Apps. This initiative to make guests feel more comfortable with availing hospitality services in the new normal, post lockdown scenario,” Ankur Bhatia was quoted in a recent interview to a publication.

Elaborating further, Kush Kapoor, CEO, said “Going ahead we plan to make the live streaming an interactive two-way communication where in guests can interact with chef at times whenever possible which shall lead to building a strong partnership for life long with our Guest.”

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