PRS Passes on Leaving Behind the Richest Legacy

A legend passed on, this historic 14th November morning. PRS Oberoi is one of the kind who are recognised as legends in their lifetime!

He was held in awe and reverence, his aura exuded energy and confidence – in his beliefs, his determination and his zero tolerance to shortcuts. He was unforgiving when people showed a lack of application; deep within him he had a heart of a child, striving to excel, never giving up in his relentless urge for excellence in all that he did.

He became synonymous with luxury travel in India; the Oberoi brand went higher notches globally – he did not focus on numbers but quality with which he knew no compromise. In fact, so iconic had he become a long time ago, that a meeting with him was considered a privilege.

Today, the Oberoi name rubs shoulders with the best globally, a proud ‘Made in India’ legacy in hospitality known around the world! His passing on is also a proud moment for India and all Indians at home and abroad to recognise and cherish what PRS has left as his contribution to Indian and global hospitality!

We can best honour him by emulating his unflinching dedication to delivering excellence in hospitality! Efficiency combined with quality in creating world class products – this indeed is his message that Indian tourism needs to imbibe and grow with in the years ahead! Long live PRS in the quality and dedication of the Indian tourism experience!

In a tweet message of condolence, Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa said:

Deeply saddened by the passing of PRS ( Biki) Oberoi, Chairman Emeritus of the Oberoi Group. He was easily amongst the greatest hoteliers the world has seen. A visionary leader in the global hospitality industry, his legacy of world-class excellence and refined luxury has left an indelible mark. His Vilas resorts added immense value to India as a tourism destination. Condolences to his family and the @OberoiHotels Group. A huge loss to the travel and tourism world. He will be greatly missed.

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