One more feather in Khattar’s global ambitions in celebrating Indian and now international cuisine.

Old World Hospitality which launched Delhi’s India Habitat Centre, has been spreading wings internationally with new brands and new openings. The latest is Koloman in New York !

EHV International, a division of Old World Hospitality, the name behind leading restaurant brands like Indian Accent and Comorin in Horizon One (Gurugram), has opened Koloman, a vibrant French restaurant at 16 West 29th Street in New York City.

EHV has created Indian Accent, which is among the world’s most awarded Indian restaurants, and Comorin, which is a casual all-day restaurant with an innovative bar voted as ‘The Best Restaurant Bar in India’. Comorin made its debut at No. 69 on the Asia’s Best Restaurants list this year while Indian Accent, New Delhi has been on the list for 8 years and is listed currently at No. 22. Indian Accent, Mumbai shall open in early 2023 at Jio World Centre.

Khattar’s Old World Hospitality was also the name behind India Habitat Centre that he ran for over two decades and made it the leading food and cultural centre in New Delhi.

Koloman is the next chapter in EHV’s continued expansion in new markets, with two other restaurants opening in Goa and Mumbai this year, and is its second venture in New York, after Indian Accent. EHV has plans for more restaurants in 2023-24 in India, as well as in several world cities.

The new opening in New York, bears its name from Koloman Moser, who was among the foremost artists of the Vienna Secession movement, and a co-founder of the Wiener Werkstatte, which had a profound impact on twentieth century design and cultural life in Europe. Rishiv Khattar worked on the concept along with Chef Markus Glocker and they were both inspired by Viennese secessionist designs and wanted to echo the spirit of turn of the century European cafes, which were vibrant meeting points for food, community, and ideas.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, a welcoming space for both everyday dining and special occasions. The thoughtful tabletop is refined and elegant: delicate, ne etched glassware, old school butter cloches, coppers for sauces, as well as coffee and cake service in the grand European cafe style. The restaurant has initially opened for dinner only. Breakfast and lunch service will follow in mid fall. For Indian guests there some interesting vegetarian dishes while for those used to modern French cuisine, the Austrian dishes add a unique differentiation on the menu.

Rohit Khattar, Founder Chairman EHV/Old World Hospitality, says “We are excited to announce the opening of Koloman – our second restaurant in New York after Indian Accent. We are grateful to the owners, G.F.I. Hospitality, who invited us to reinterpret a unique space in our own special way. Here Chef Markus Glocker will blend Parisian creativity with Viennese tradition in his cuisine”.

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