Karma Lakelands : An Eco-Conscious Oasis built with eye on detail

Spacious properties coexisting with vibrant biodiversity constitutes the hallmark of Karma Lakelands. The prestigious green estate is coming up with a new residential project synthesizing luxury and responsible living. Conscious living and the environment are intimately interconnected. Being mindful of one’s choices and their impact on the environment is a fundamental aspect of conscious living, fostering a holistic approach to personal well-being and ecological sustainability. Real estate and ecological responsibility can and must coexist, through thoughtful practices, and even profitably thrive.

So, how has been the journey?

As a project, Karma is a green oasis amidst the urban cacophony of the bustling Gurugram. By preserving green spaces and minimizing disruption to natural habitats, integrating green solutions, practising sustainable activities and maintaining biodiversity in landscaping have significantly contributed to this sustainable development.

And the hospitality district, if I can call it, consists of…….

A sprawling golf resort, which is the centre piece, luxury residential offerings, fine-dining restaurants and the AK’s bar.

What are the gains from this approach? This eco-friendly materials and your sensitivity to nature?

Implementing green building practices not only significantly reduces the environmental impact of construction and operations, but also creates healthy and ecologically vibrant spaces. At Karma, the prime focus has been on using energy-efficient materials, incorporating renewable energy sources, and designing buildings with optimal insulation and natural lighting, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint of buildings. This includes the use of smart and energy-efficient lighting, and appliances, recycling & waste management, implementing water-efficient technologies and landscaping practices that can conserve water resources.

Since its establishment, the resort has prioritized conscious living initiatives as a central aspect of its mission. Transitioning into a zero-waste property and actively engaging in eco-friendly endeavours such as soil rejuvenation, tree planting, rewilding efforts, bee farming, and the bio-composting of both plant and animal waste, Karma showcases an outstanding dedication to purposeful and sustainable living.

And what have you achieved at the project as of today?

Beautifully carved spacious properties coexisting with vibrant biodiversity is what has become the hallmark of Karma Lakelands. Residential projects here consist of luxurious villas and chalets for accommodation, which are designed with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, as well as five exquisite restaurants, bar and recreational outdoor spaces along with the Klub Karma which has been a winner in this space of events and weddings in the region.

The resort provides well-appointed rooms for guests, each designed to offer comfort and a unique experience. Sustainable practices have been incorporated into the design and operation of these accommodations. Our restaurants and bar focus on using locally sourced, organic ingredients and follow sustainable dining practices. The nine-hole golf course is designed to harmonize with the natural surroundings, and sustainable golf course management practices are in place to minimize environmental impact.

And your villas, give us a sense of the variety between them?

The villas are typically designed with a focus on providing a high-end, eco-friendly living experience amidst natural surroundings. Villas often come with private outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies, and terraces, allowing residents to enjoy the natural surroundings. Given their location, these offer scenic views of the golf course, lakes, and green landscapes.

Each villa has its unique style, identity and ambience, which is in harmony with Karma’s emphasis on sustainable living.

Wildflower Villa at Karma, known for its old-world charm, comes with a rich blend of classic exterior and modern interior giving it a unique touch and flavour. Pranavam Villa provides a breathtaking view of the golf course interspersed with lush green private gardens and a waterbody adding to the charm of staying in this majestic place and getting closer to nature.

Kingfisher Villa offers incredible warmth and exuberance. The interplay of myriad colours and patterns gives it a uniquely stylish and authentic texture, the aura of which is further enhanced by the splendid lake-side view which makes it a perfect place for spending precious time with the family.

Karma’s Orchard Villa adorns an enchanting Spanish feel and an orchard in the backyard.

The biggest villa at Karma is the Presidential Villa, which boasts of an attached infinity pool, a deck area by the lake, expansive lawns, a beautiful orchard, a lounge area and a games corner.

Two more villas are there redefining luxury, combining minimalistic looks with vibrant interiors – Albatross Villa and the spectacular Rock Garden Villa.

There is this new luxury project that you have signed with a leading developer?

Along with Sobha Realty, a renowned international luxury developer, is coming up with a project of high-rise apartments. It will have three, four, and five-bedroom residences ranging from 2800 sq. ft. – 4200 sq. ft. In addition, the high-end project will offer a plethora of world-class amenities ranging from an outdoor fitness area, grand plaza, sports arena, camping ground, play park, leisure pool, and premium clubhouse with standout features like temperature-controlled pool, racquet sports and also co-working spaces.

Combining luxury with eco-responsible living, the project will ensure that Karma’s legacy of nature first continues further.

The project will be a heritage of exquisite detailing with tasteful architectural designs. It will be the newest and most prestigious luxury estate nestled in around 235 acres of golf course and landscaped greens, and there will be impeccable attention to detail from conceptualization to delivery. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of eco-responsible, conscious living with low carbon footprint, targeting zero waste, pollution-free indoor air quality and carbon neutral community, amidst two lakh plus trees and plants.

The project will make ample use of rainwater harvesting, and solar energy, as well as promote the usage of new eco-conservation initiatives like plastic-free waterless urinal solutions and ‘making your fresh air’.

Businesses flush a million litres of fresh potable water down the drain each year. The conventional urinals use water to remove the leftover part of urine from the urinal bowl but water doesn’t eliminate or prevent the bad odour. The main cause of odour and smell is ammonia (NH3) which forms when water and uric acid get mixed up. The water-free urinal technology digests the urine organic crystals rapidly, as it contains ten times more biological bacteria, resulting in fresh and hygienic washrooms as well as saving huge amounts of water.

So, how would you sum up your experience in developing a symbiotic relationship with nature?

Since inception, we have prioritized conscious living initiatives, placing them at the core of its mission. Embarking on the journey to become a zero-waste property and engaging in initiatives such as dispensing with plastic use, waste segregation, in-house treatment of wastewater, bio-composting, tree-rescuing etc, Karma exhibits an exceptional commitment to intentional and sustainable living.

By embodying ecological consciousness in its practices, Karma Lakelands has not only reduced operational costs but has also generated additional revenues by delivering superior products, services, and experiences to its customers. The resort serves as a testament to the idea that prioritizing sustainability can lead to a harmonious coexistence of ecological responsibility and economic viability.


Ashwani Khurana is the Founder/owner of the Karma Lakeland project in Manesar, Haryana.

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