Investors Summit showcased Jharkhand’s tourism potential, says director tourism

Jharkhand is endowed with nature, rich cultural heritage, religious places of worships and elements of history, making it an all-round tourism destination. The state recently concluded its first ever Global  Investors Summit which acted as a booster shot for the tourism industry with a number of MoUs signed, paving way for investment in the sector. We speak to Dr. Waghmare Prasad Krishna, Director JTDCL.


How would you define the tourism product of Jharkhand?

The State of Jharkhand is endowed with immense bio-diversity, moderate climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, religious places of worship and ethnic aspects to make the State the ultimate destination for tourists. The State Government has a firm belief that development of tourism sector would not only generate immense employment opportunities – directly or indirectly – but also would contribute in accelerated economic development. This would not only ensure showcasing of rich traditional and cultural heritage of the State but also would have cascading effect in development of other sectors. Rightfully, the State Government has accorded tourism the status of industry in Jharkhand. It is felt that to ensure rapid development in tourism sector, there is a need to develop tourist circuits and destinations providing various amenities, both way-side and at different destination points, supporting the tourists by providing conveyance, lodging and other pre-requisites, etc.

Involvement of private sector, villagers and other stake holders as partners in promotion and development of tourism industry of the State is an important and critical aspect, which would go a long way in maintenance, upkeep and sustenance of the assets and facilities created in this regard for a long time. Making the people of the State, Nation and the World aware of the rich endowments of nature, its cultural heritage, spiritual places and other traditions are essential impediments for boosting tourism industry in the State.

The tourism policy of the State aims at making Jharkhand as one of the most preferred destination for tourists, both inside and outside of the country and to ensure accelerated development of tourism related infrastructure, increasing employment opportunities, augmenting the resources of the State as also showcasing the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the State.

What are its principal pegs?

The principals pegs shall be as follows:-

  • Investment-friendly tourism policy.
  • We are in the process of making the tourism incentives more attractive.
  • The last stone milestone connectivity
  • Provision of basic tourism infrastructure.
  • Leveraging with central assistance funds for destination development and circuit development
  • Development of basic tourism infrastructure facility at tourist places
  • Adequate publicity of tourism products in National and International Level. 

What are your expectations of the Jharkhand Investors Summit?

Government of Jharkhand in its endeavour to promote tourism and industrial activity in the State and establish Jharkhand as one of the prime investment destination of eastern India has taken numerous steps towards improvement of overall investment climate. Govt. of Jharkhand have successfully implemented the framework of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ and have devised business friendly policies which have been instrumental in significantly reforming Jharkhand’s business climate.

The State of Jharkhand towards creating awareness among existing and prospective investors / entrepreneurs and taking a step forward, to showcase and deliberate various investment opportunities and key business reforms carried out in the recent past. To attract investments, the State of Jharkhand organized its maiden “Momentum Jharkhand” Global Investors’ Summit in Ranchi on 16-17 February 2017 with the support ofMinistry of External Affairs and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Alongside the Global Investors Summit, we also organized a Trade Exhibition on 16-17 February 2017 at Khelgaon, Ranchi.

The Global Investors summit gave us a great opportunity for showcasing the tourism potential of Jharkhand. We have conducted lots of B2G meeting with various prospective investors. Most of them are keen to initiate partnership with Jharkhand Tourism Department for tourism promotion in the State. We have executed 8 MOUs / LoIs for development of tourism infrastructure through PSP (Private Sector Partnership) of investment of around Rs 1223.00 Cr. In tourism sector.

Since the GIS gave us a great opportunity to showcase the tourism potential and investment opportunity in tourism sector. It was really a great success story for Govt. of Jharkhand. Similar nature of events needs to be organized in intervals to show case the Potentials of Jharkhand.

How do you think it will aid to your foray in taking Jharkhand to the larger market place?

The GIS gave us a great opportunity to showcase the tourism potential and investment opportunity in tourism sector not only in National Level but also in International level.

We have show-cased the potential of Jharkhand in National Level and also in international level. We have successfully signed MOU/LOI for various tourism projects and expect more private sector investment in tourism sector. This would help in increase in employment generation and economy development of Jharkhand State.

We understand that Jharkhand has been, for some time, mooting a move into the mining tourism space. You have some spectacular products to help you leverage your intent. What is the roadmap?

Jharkhand State has rich mineral resources and we are planning for development of mining tourism at various suitable locations at Jharkhand State. We are planning for development of the same through CSR activities.

Religious tourism has a major stake in ensuring steady footfalls, especially courtesy BaidyanathDham. How big is its contribution in the overall tourist movement?

We have taken various incentives in post for facilitation and promotion of BaidyanathDham and ShravaniMela.

Baba BaidyanathDham has been successfully incorporated under PRASAD scheme of Govt. of India. We are in the process of preparation of DPR for availing funds from Govt. of India. The financial assistance would be in the range of Rs. 40 to 50 Cr.

In addition to the above, we are planning for development of Religious Circuits for development of BaidyanathDhan along with other Religious place of Jharkhand State. We also support various events and festivals at Deoghar, which results in wide publicity.

Jharkhand could go big in the area of experiential and tribal tourism. How will you ensure it gains through its enviable products?

Jharkhand State has its rich cultural and tribal tourism potential. We are in the process of marketing and promotion through SwadeshDarshan Scheme of Govt. of India like development of ECO tourism and tribal tourism Circuits. 

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