India’s Silicon Valley set for a 7300 crore makeover

Bengaluru, India’s answer to Silicon Valley, grapples with serious deficit of infrastructure. Worsening traffic and solid-waste management is a nightmare; roads are full of potholes as rain throws city’s crumbling drainage system into a tizzy. With only two years to go in the assembly elections, and infra deficit a politically sensitive issue, the Siddaramaiah government under the Nagarothana scheme will drive a spate of projects to revamp the city.

India’s Silicon Valley set for a 7300 crore makeoverA substantial sum of INR 7,300 crore has been earmarked for construction of massive road infrastructure expansion, construction of underground drainages, stormwater drains and development of footpaths;  a sum of 800 crore has been allocated towards construction of stormwater drains alone. Known for its parks and lakes, the government will inject 156 crore to rejuvenate city’s lakes and water-bodies. 

Bengaluru has a global stature in the service sector. Home to several IT giants, the city hosts a large number of foreign and domestic travelers, alike. Developing infra at par with global standards is a pre-requisite to emerge as a favorable destination. This upgradation, fittingly, comes at a time when India is courting nations around the world for larger investments. It makes all the right noises. 

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