Indian Accent Now at JIO Centre!

What’s Unique? What is Quintessentially Manish Mehrotra? What is different at JIO Centre from what you experience at the other venues? Master Chef Manish answers in a brief exclusive.

At the new Indian Accent at Jio World Center, we are serving a tasting menu, as well as an A La Carte menu. The A La Carte menu in Mumbai has been compiled to capture the essence of Indian Accent over the last 14 years. All the best sellers over 14 years have been compiled on this menu, along with some new dishes which are especially created for Mumbai, including the burrata chaat, the Chandrakala dessert, the salmon dish. All these things were created especially for the Mumbai menu.

The tasting menu, however, is a specialty and we really emphasize on the tasting menu, because it is the one thing which gives the diner the complete experience of Indian Accent. The tasting menu in Mumbai is totally different from New Delhi. It’s a completely new menu, which is curated especially for the Mumbai restaurant. Every dish, approximately 17 dishes, on these tasting menus are new including the Hundred-layer paneer, tamatar chaaman, nadru,  Braised pork kofta, punjabi lobia, bacon chilli glaze, Pulled lamb dumpling, aab gosht, rice puffs, etc.

It’s all my Team and me, because while the menus and dishes are curated by me, it’s all of my team, especially Chef Rijul and Chef Shantanu, who help me execute my ideas at the restaurant on a day-to-day basis.

Chef Rijul is the one who is heading the Mumbai outpost and he will be taking care of the day-to-day at Indian Accent Mumbai.

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