Hotelivate Report 2021 Captures the Stress in Hospitality; The High and Low witnessed in Different Segments

Hotelivate has released its Hospitality Report for year 2021, giving its stats and pulse of the industry. With COVID cases rising in large numbers yet again, the first (and possibly second) quarter of FY22 are likely to remain under severe pressure. Forecasting in these uncertain times remains extremely challenging. However, one thing is certain. Recover we shall. A slew of measures taken by hotel owners, operators and lenders are all aimed at making survival possible. Keeping our heads down, focusing on the task ahead and finding ways and means to ride these unwelcome waves is the need of the hour. FY22 may be tough, again! It will most certainly be a better year than FY21 though. As we all work towards a future beyond COVID, maintaining a razor focus on managing the short-term challenges is all that we can (and should) be doing. The report concludes with a note of hope and optimism, looking eagerly forward to better days ahead.

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