Highlight the Good that Hospitality Can Do for the Economy: K.B Kachru

As Mr. Kant said, our focus to project hospitality as an engine of growth and employment will substantially serve our purpose. I think so it was with this in mind, the executive committee decided that, yes, it’s time. We need to actually communicate what is right for us, when it’s right for us. The industry has demonstrated extreme resilience from a period which was really a crisis for all of us. The last conclave was held in September 22 when we had just come out of shadows of such a serious crisis.

We all are looking forward for a great year ahead of us. The enthusiasm is at all-time high. And with a very successful G 20 summit, which Mr. Kant very ably organized and helped us position where we are today worldwide.

The recent opening of new destinations has once again put our country on the world stage. The economy is poised to grow at a steady rate, and that sets the direction for travel, tourism, and hospitality, which is bound to grow proportionately. Earlier, speakers made it very clear that how much it impacts with our own Prime Minister saying that tourism is one of the key pillars of economy. And when economy grows, we grow, we grow, economy grows. The government’s continued thrust on infrastructure development, last mile connectivity, developing near destinations has resulted in an unprecedented growth in our domestic tourism.

Promotions like ‘Dekho Apna Desh’, ‘India says, I do’ – I am a great believer of this in my own company. We have, ‘Yes, I can’. I think it resonates very well with what we can actually do and we must do. The latest buzzword in our industry is, which again, came from a leadership where in India we cannot underestimate. Mr. Kant actually spelled out the benefits of MICE. We don’t even have 1% of that. Imagine weddings, which are going out of India. We need to focus on them as well. The government has actually never been more serious than what they are today. And our engagement with our own associations, it’s true that we cannot work in a fragmented manner. We all have to work together to achieve ultimate success. And this has been possible by collaborating with each other. And we have seen how we have moved and we have well-wishers in the government. Mr. Kant said, North Block to the South Block can block a lot of things, but I can tell you, sir, it’s really with great pride that people whom we deal with are actually positive. I think we as an industry have to come together and communicate what really means good for the country, if we focus on what we contribute to our economy and how many jobs we provide. Just in last two years, the hirings have increased by 271%. It’s never happened before. So that’s what and where we are today.

We hope our deliberations continue to harness the potential of our industry and create more awareness on how we can contribute to the economy. On behalf of the industry, let’s pledge to build a brighter future for hospitality, fostering innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability. We have to care about Mother Earth.

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