Exhibiting India: Pashmina & Zanskar, An Unseen Ladakh

Journey into the World of the Golden Wool – Pashmina – Changthag Plateau

Embark on a journey through a less-trodden path that unveils the vibrant ecosystem of the Pashmina World of Changpa Nomad pastoralists. Travellers will immerse themselves in wool harvesting, partake in the nomads’ rich tapestry of songs, music, rituals, and other artistic expressions, and gain insights into their challenges. Nestled within the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, amidst wild asses and snow leopards, the spiritual essence of the Dragon Tibetan Buddhists, known as Drukpa Kargyu, comes to life. The journey is a profound reflection of the connection between the pashmina ecosystem and the broader landscape, including Tso Moriri Lake, enriched with tales of flying dragons and meditative rituals meticulously documented by the curator.

The Enchanting Valley of Zanskar

Venture into Zanskar, a hidden gem within the Tethys Himalaya, offering an unparalleled and memorable exploration. With extensive research into the region›s artistic heritage, the curator invites local communities to share their legacy of folklore and ancestral skills. Experience the artistic heritage of Zanskar›s monasteries, brought to life through folktales and performances that echo the region›s significant symbols and motifs. This part of the journey celebrates Zanskar›s rich cultural fabric, woven seamlessly into the experience. Logistics: Comfortable, clean, and humble homestays in the entire trip to a highly remote part of the world, travelling around 1400 kilometres in 12 days.

Enchanting Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Leh – Acclimatize and enjoy the first night in this charming town, preparing for the adventure ahead.

Day 2: Set out on a picturesque drive to Hanle in the remote Changthang region of Ladakh. Discover the tranquillity of local monasteries connected with the Dragon Tibetan School and immerse yourself in their serene spiritual ambience.

Day 3: A day with the Pashmina Nomads is aimed to be an extraordinary experience to observe the pashmina harvest, engage in the artistry of weaving, delight in the harmonious songs of nomadic women, enjoy the traditional craft of cheese-making and vibrant music of the nomads.

Day 4: Embark on a journey to the stunning Tso Moriri Lake. After soaking in the beauty, return through the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary back to Leh.

Day 5 & 6: Explore the historic and natural wonders around Leh.

Days 7-9: Exploring Zanskar– Spend three enthralling nights there. The journey includes an insightful session on the Women Amchi or Tibetan Doctors Programme, revered local Buddhist Monasteries, with interpretations informed by thorough research from the Buddhist University in Sarnath (Varanasi): folktale Storytelling encounters, journey into Zanskar’s carpets and Kilim, and traditional performances.

Day 10: Kargil

Day 11: Return to Leh via the Alchi Monastery, a spiritual and artistic haven.

Day 12: Departure for home.

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Navina Jafa is a renowned curator and scholar on Cultural Heritage & Tourism, and a most accomplished classical dancer. She is a prolific writer and regular contributor to art discussions.



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