Deputy CM proposes advisory board for Delhi Tourism

In an event held some time ago in the capital, Deputy CM, Manish Sisodia spoke on the need to promote tourism in Delhi given its potential – much of it remains to be harnessed with creative and innovative strategies.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, who also holds the tourism portfolio, has proposed that a tourism advisory board be set up to promote tourism in the city, as per media reports. The aim of the advisory board is to come up with fresh and innovative ideas to convert the city in to a tourism board. The reports said that the minister emphasised the need to have a ‘good team’ that can come up with methods to tap the tourism potential of the city.

“We are going to develop it (tourism advisory board). We need a good team that can keep thinking about tourism development,” Sisodia is quoted as having said at an event ‘Destination Delhi: socio economic perspective of art, culture and tourism’, organised by the PHD Chamber in the city. The team should ideally be made of tourism experts, representatives of industry, professionals, market associations as well as the media. The minister said that there was a need to develop tourism circuits in the city to increase the length of the stay of tourists in the city. “There is need to compel the tourists to spend extra days in Delhi through new tourism circuits such as golf, political and social circuits,” said the minister. The minister also added that the city needed the contribution of the local population in its efforts to develop tourism. He suggested that special packages be announced for locals.

Given the vast political heritage of the city, the minister added that landmarks like President House, the Parliament, the Delhi Secretariat and a host of such sites of historical significance, including state-owned education institutions, hotels, could also be showcased to the tourists.

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