Delhi to fast track Najafgarh water park project

Delhi to fast track Najafgarh water park project

The creation of an expansive water sports complex has been a long-pending demand in Delhi and the previous Congress government had even come out with a blueprint to construct a water sports park in west Delhi’s Najafgarh. The site chosen was the Najafgarh drain between Chhwala and Kanganheri. However, with the city being gripped by political uncertainty for more than one and a half years, not much action was visible on the project.

The new AAP government, however, is now all set to revive and put the project on a fast track mode. Various reports suggest that Jitender Singh Tomar, Tourism minister in AAP government, himself has taken the responsibility to spearhead the project and is expected to announce a deadline for the project soon. “We often hear that Delhiites travel to cities such as Rishikesh and Mussoorie to enjoy their weekend. We want to reverse this trend. We will make Delhi a tourist attraction by initiating such projects. This is one of the many projects that are in the pipeline,” Tomar recently commented. Going by the preliminary indications from the government quarters, the water park sports complex in Najafgarh will be developed on a stretch of 2.5 km area and it may also facilitate rafting option. The initial cost estimates for setting up this water complex is in the range of over `20 crore.

Going by the market buzz, the tourism department has identified two sites around Najafgarh drain (2.77 acres and 11.44 acres respectively) where an expansive water sports complex would be created which would primarily comprise adventure sports sections and a well-stretched out eco-park. Additionally, the water sports complex will have a dedicated public entertainment facility too which would include shopping, ballooning and an open air theatre. Interestingly, Delhi Tourism Minister is also believed to have asked other concerned departments in the city administration to pitch in with their views on their possible contribution to make this project a huge success. For instance, the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) is expected to come on the board by creating two water sports section at the complex – rowing and slalom. The water park’s basic design will also include putting in place a state-of-the-art water treatment plant.

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