Cirrus Aircraft sets shop in India, banking on improvement in regional and remote connectivity

US-based Cirrus Aircraft, globally known for its five-seven seater planes, is eyeing India as a major future market for its products. In partnership with a local marketing firm, the company has set up its shop in the country and has recently delivered four planes to a business house. “ We have recently accomplished our first deal in India and we believe that in the medium to long run, our order book from Indian customers will grow significantly,” Adam Hahn, Director (Europe, Africa, Middle East & India) told TourismFirst in a recent exclusive conversation.

Minnesota based firm which is now owned by a Chinese company is known for its SR 20, SR 22, and SR 22T line of aircrafts and is a major supplier in the regional and remote connectivity space in North and Latin America as well as developed markets in Europe. “ Two-third of our aircrafts which we have sold far are deployed in the regional markets and a pure regional carrier like Imagine Airways in the US is touching down on 1000 airports using our aircrafts,” Hahn pointed out. The company since its inception in 1984 has sold more than 6200 units to its global clients across 60 countries.

The company believes that it is setting up its base in India at the right time given the emphasis on promoting regional and remote connectivity. “ The new policy is likely to open new windows of opportunity in the remote connectivity space and our products are aligned to serve in these sectors. Our planes are mostly used by the business clients from SME sectors and for recreation purposes by small groups. They are even used for medical emergencies. The icing on the cake is: our planes can land at anykind of small airstrip which India has in abundance. We are convinced of our growth as this market moves in a more liberalized direction,” Hann underlined

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