Cinema and tourism industry stakeholders converge at Cinemascapes 2017, examine business trends

Cinemascapes 2017 provided a platform for examining churnings in the cinema industry and its manifestations on the travel and tourism sector. The impact of cinema shoots in generating revenue for countries and destinations, fast-altering consumer preferences, critical factors influencing choice of destinations for shooting and much more was put under scanner in sessions at the event. Seasoned industry professions, representing films, television, advertisement, production houses, NTOs and destination promotion offices, among others, were in attendance.

Industry experts suggested destinations to explore joint marketing campaigns and look beyond cash rebates and incentives to attract production houses. They voiced their preferences, naming affordability, accessibility to a destination, presence of cinema shooting infrastructure, aided by skilled local crew, and liberal policies as their key parameters for zeroing in on a destination.

Representatives from several NTOs gave detailed insight into their nation’s product offerings and USPs. They outlined their expectations from production houses, batting for a shift from being strategically positioned as a brand to becoming integral to the narrative itself.

On the domestic front, Indian states highlighted their products and elaborated on recently undertaken policy initiatives to boost cinema tourism.

The growing clout of Indian television in shaping travel preferences of the outbound was also discussed by industry insiders. Another key takeaway of the brainstorming was how audiences were increasingly preferring new and unexplored destinations, therefore keeping destination promotion boards and NTOs on their toes, making strategic marketing and concerted outreach a non-negotiable aspect of tourism promotion.

Awards ceremony followed panel discussions where Cinemascapes honoured Amit Khanna for his contribution to the cinema and television industry, and conferred him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Chrome Pictures and the Story Tellers were honoured for their video productions on Jammu and Kashmir and Assam, respectively. Faridoon Shahyar was also awarded for his role as a journalist.

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