Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa in Mexico launches a three-day wellness retreat

Surrounded by natural beauty and lush vegetation, Kinan Spa at Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, has launched a three-day wellness retreat with curated experiences with an eye on wellness travel segment. The resort which lies between verdant acres of jungle and an award-winning beach on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, it is a tranquil haven, offering the 63 rooms and suites overlooking the turquoise ocean, with a spa inspired by the area’s traditional Mayan heritage.

The newly launched package, Healthy life, Happy Heart has an elaborate engagement for patrons aimed at nourishing the mind and body.

Here is a look at the detailed itinerary:

 DAY 1:

Releasing ceremony at the beach –a Shaman starts the ceremony with an energy cleansing using a mix of copal crystals and medicinal herbs. An offering is made to the ‘Universe’ with local flowers along a good intention to complete the circle.

Private consultation – guests are invited for a tour of the spa and a private consultation with Spa Manager, Cinthya Alva, to discuss personal objectives and how to make the most of their retreat.

Aromatherapy Blending– takes place as a workshop to create the combination of essential oils for improvement of mood and nurture the skin.

DAY 2:

Private yoga with healing music – personalised Hatha Yoga class with healing music will help to increase flexibility, energy levels, cleanse the body from toxins and decrease stress levels.

Nutritional consultation–a nutritional expert guidesan in-depth session on diet, healthy eating and methods of detoxing the body and guests will receive tips and recipes to ensure they achieve their goals.

Kinan body glow 30 minutes – the magic of Kinan Spa is experienced with a slimming exfoliation and reaffirming sapphire salts by Gemology cosmetics.

DAY 3:

Private meditation –at the enchanting Yoga Palapa, guests enjoy a meditation class that is a primary method of self-healing and gateway to self-awareness – scientifically proven to reduce both heart rate and blood pressure, in addition to helping with sleep and healthy eating.

Detox body wrap 50 minutes – heated cotton sheets infused with herbs are wrapped around the body to draw toxins to the surface. Amelipona bee honey from the spa’s ownhoney bee harvest is then used as a body mask to clean and rejuvenate skin.

Cilantro Juice Bar –a visit to the Cilantro Juice Bar is where guests can learn about the benefits of superfoods and enjoy a tasting of the different type of kombucha -raw probiotics – prepared locally.

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