Talking Geometry with Sanjay Bhattacharya

“From the very beginning I have been attracted to realism, and throughout my career I have painted realistic paintings. In 2006 I did a series called “Tribute to Masters” in which I used the portraits of Salvador Dali and Rembrandt along with elements of their works. In these compositions I also included my own favorite elements.

A solo exhibition of Sanjay Bhattacharya (second from left) at India Habitat Centre saw MP Maneka Gandhi and historian/hotelier Aman Nath with a battery of enthusiasts converge for the inauguration.

Looking at Salvador Dali’s portrait, I was fascinated by his eyeballs popping out, and that was the inspiration behind the big black circles within my paintings. Apart from the circles, I also painted some geometric shapes. Thereafter in 2012 I did another series called “Krishna” in which I used the silhouette of Krishna with the flute, and used those geometric patterns again. But in both these series, Dali, Rembrandt and Krishna were the highlights, and the geometric patterns were used as supportive elements.

In 2022 when I was preparing another solo exhibition, I looked back at these geometric patterns and I felt that our thought processes also have correlates in geometry, like when we are tensed, the tension can be represented by a line that goes upwards, and once it is over, the line comes down and finally returns to the starting point, creating a triangle. Sometimes when we concentrate, our thoughts converge into the smallest circle. Since I was getting such ideas, I was eager to create some compositions with only these geometric shapes. Through this process many unknown shapes also appeared on my canvas, infused with some colors that I formulated especially for this series.”


Sanjay Bhattacharya is an eminent painter and photographer. His works can be seen in important public and private collections in India and overseas.




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